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In our first post “Introducing MultiReach”, we have mentioned Taiwan’s Six key Emerging Industries. Those six major emerging industries, namely Biotechnology, Tourism, Green Energy, Medicine & Health Care, High-end Agriculture, and Culture & Creativity, were picked by Taiwan Government to cope with the volatility and drastic changes of the global economy and accelerate the upgrade and transformation of Taiwan’s economy.


In 1544, a Portuguese ship sighted the main island of Taiwan and named it Ilha Formosa, which means “Beautiful Island”. Hence, its diverse geological landscapes, natural habitats, and rich culture provide a strong foundation for developing the Tourism industry. In order to welcome more international tourism to Taiwan, the government has designed the “Best of Taiwan Tourism Development Plan”,  positioning tourism as an emerging industry. The goal is to provide better quality and better service to the tourists and generate more income.


As part of these efforts, an official event was held in Miaoli CountyYoung Lake Resort” last January. Located at the north-central part of Taiwan, Miaoli is home of people from different origins. Main purpose of the event was to help foreign guest experts discover the beauty of Miaoli and share future development plans, backed by the government and private funds.

Young Lake Resort

Young Lake Resort

Mrs. Chen of MultiReach was invited by Miaoli County Government to participate in the event. During a press conference, Mrs. Chen expressed her admiration of Miaoli nature scenes, and spoke highly of progress been made by county government in building tourist infrastructure.

Miaoli County Executive, Mr. Liu Cheng-Hung with Mrs. Chen of MultiReach

Miaoli County Executive, Mr. Liu Cheng-Hung with Mrs. Chen of MultiReach


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