2010 International Venture Capital and Emerging Industry Forum in Taiwan

In the past few years, we’ve been witnessing Taiwan Government’s efforts in promoting and fostering the development of emerging industries in order to create Taiwan’s industrial opportunities to enhance Taiwan’s competitiveness. The government wishes Taiwan’s VC investors will be able to understand the state of the art technologies of global emerging industries.

The “2010 International Venture Capital and Emerging Industry Forum” will discuss the technology, applications, and future business opportunities of specific international emerging industries  to assist investors to understand the enormous potential of emerging industries and to help Taiwan manufacturers to acquire the newest technologies.

Since Israeli Technologies are playing an important role in these industries, we would like to invite Israeli professionals to present their state of the art technologies of E-book, Clean-Tech, and Bio-Tech industries.

Attendees in this Forum which will be held in Taipei on May 17th,  are Taiwanese VC  Investors, Manufacturers, and Industry leaders.  Interested in presenting at the forum, kindly write to: maya@multireach.biz

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