MultiReach visit to TECO (Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office)

MultiReach Managing Directors, Mr. Michael Liagine and Mrs. Maya Chen have visited Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Tel-Aviv last October. Mr. Liagine and Mrs. Chen, who were the first Israelis to graduate Master program of Business Administration in Chinese, wished to personally thank Mr.Terry Ting- Representative and Mr. San-Shiun Tseng- Deputy Director for allowing them to have the opportunity to be educated in Taiwan while providing 3 years scholarship.

MultiReach is facilitating the flow of Technology and Investments between Israel and Taiwan, hence, both sides (TECO and MultiReach) shared great hopes to boost future cooperation between two nations.

The visit was covered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of China (Taiwan) and by the Portal of Republic of China (Taiwan) - Diplomatic Mission.

MultiReach visit TECO

From Left:Mr. Michael Liagine, Mr.Terry Ting, Mrs.Maya Chen and Mr. San-Shiun Tseng

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  1. Finally found other Israelis blogging about Taiwan. Terrific.

    Will keep following the blog.

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