Mobile Advertising – The Next Big Thing


One of the things defined MultiReach since its foundation was focusing on cutting edge tendencies in Biotech and High-tech industries. Based on this, we positioned ourselves as specialists in Medical Devices and Clean-tech fields. Keeping an eye on Investments and cutting edge technologies flow, we continuously look for new tendencies in the High-tech world.

One of our newest fields of interest is Mobile Advertising. Mobile advertising is a rapidly growing and the following examples of huge acquisitions are evidence to the growing interest in this new trend: On November 9, 2009 Google announced an agreement to acquire AdMob, a mobile display ad technology provider, for $750 million. Early January, 2010, Apple also purchased Quattro Wireless, the direct competitor to AdMob. These acquisitions are expected to bring new innovation and competition to mobile advertising, and to lead to more effective tools for creating, serving, and analyzing emerging mobile ads formats.

MultiReach’s interest in Mobile Advertising applications comes from the followings: First, the future role of mobile devices with Internet connectivity will have in our lives. Second, the size of mobile market in Asia particularly in Greater Chine (60% of all mobile phones in the world are in Asia alongside with fascinating temps of 3.5G and WiMax networks deployment in China). Third, remarkable capabilities of Israeli start up companies in this field, a non-surprising fact considering the fact Israel is a telecom superpower for more than two decades. 

Mobile advertising technologies and solutions are flourishing in Israel and considering the huge potential Asian markets have, this creates lots of business opportunities for both sides. In this regard, MultiReach is best positioned in order to facilitate this kind of cooperation which will allow investors, institutions and innovators to tap more business opportunities.

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