Israel – The heart of Innovation

As business facilitators of Investments and Technology flow between Israel, China and Taiwan, We at MultiReach wish to make sure our customers and partners are up to date with latest developments in the High-Tech world; therefore, we want to draw your attention to two worth noticing events:

The annual conference of the Israeli Hi Tech Industry Association

The conference is been held in Jerusalem between June 7-9, 2010. It will be holding keynote presentations from top executives from around the globe, and over 50 presentations by Israeli start-ups, over 2,000 participants are expected to examine how: TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION transformed into BUSINESS INNOVATION to generate a top rated Hi-Tech industry.

A big and important executive delegation from China is visiting the conference. Among the guests are Vice General Secretary of China Hi-Tech Fair, Organizing Committee & Shenzhen Municipal Government – Mr. Gao Guohui, Director, High and New Tech Dept., China Ministry of Commerce – Mr. Sun Jian, Chairman of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange – Mr. Chen Dongzheng and many IT, VC, Life Sciense and Renewable Energy executives. The purpose of their visit is to promote technological cooperation’s between Israel and China.

Hence, the conference unites all facets of the Israeli Hi Tech ecosystem under one roof – Startup companies, Investors, Venture Capital Firms, Entrepreneurs, International Technological Companies and other industry affiliates.

 ILSI-Biomed Israel 2010

Israel Life Science Industry (ILSI) will hold the 9th Biomed annual conference, June 14-16 in Tel Aviv.  

Biomed 2010 takes closer look at cardiology, vaccines, oncology, personalized medicine, metabolic diseases and aesthetic medicine markets. All these discussions will serve as background to the presentations given by 60 or so Israeli medical device and biopharma companies.

For reference, last year’s event drew 6,000 industry players, engineers and scientists, with 800 participants from 35 countries and in excess of 2,500 one-on-one meetings.

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