China & Israel – 18 years of True Friendship

On September 28 China marked 18 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel. Celebrating this long friendship, the Dankner Family hosted last night an open air event at Castra, Haifa with special performance by the very well know Chinese singer – Ms. Ha Hui. MultiReach were among celebrators.

Mrs. Dankner has opened the evening with greetings followed by Mr. Zhao Jun, China’s ambassador to Israel who impressed guests with few sentences in Hebrew. “I’m sorry for my poor Hebrew, I’ve been in Israel for three years, and although my term is scheduled to end soon, I recently asked my supervisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing for another extension. If my government approves my request then I promise to go to Ulpan”.

Mr. Zhao Jun, China's ambassador to Israel with Mrs. Maya Chen of MultiReach

In a special interview given by ambassador Zhao to Yedioth Ahronoth few days ago, he said: “You might not know this, but we in China admire you and your Jewish mind, which has brought many Nobel prizes. The free China was established in 1949, one year after Israel, but we view what you have achieved as a miracle. We are brothers, almost twins. We admire you for creating miracles for 62 years.”

With regards to China’s habit of becoming a partner in the infrastructure and resources of many countries in the world, Mr. Zhao said in the same interview:” There have been signs recently of gas discovered near Haifa. If this is true, China may invest in gas and oil drilling. I discussed it with (Israeli business mogul) Yitzhak Tshuva yesterday. He wants to explore the possibility of bringing Chinese investments here in the oil and gas field.”

“We believe in and support integrating the Israeli mind in the Chinese market in order to generate those same miracles you have created in this small country. History has taught us that we are true friends.”

To read ambassador Zhao’s full interview as published in Yedioth Ahronoth, click here.

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