Israeli Water Technologies draw Global Attention

In our post “The Great Love Tour”, we told about the interest Taiwan’s Ministry of Environmental Protection had shown in Israeli Water Technologies. As mentioned, last July Taiwan’s Da Ai TV crew has arrived to Israel to cover the subject. Earlier this month, we were glad to hear of another global giant examining Israeli Water Innovation as GE announced a partnership agreement Israel-based Kinrot Ventures.

Here are some quotations from the media of what Mr. Heiner Markhoff, President and CEO—Water & Process Technologies for GE Power & Water had to say on the occasion of the signing of the collaboration with Israel’s Kinrot Ventures incubator: “We have identified a lot of innovation potential in Israel in recent years, especially in Water. We had activities and discussions around the issue and we decided to examine technologies that we want to be part of.”

“We decided to work with startups technology to integrate their potential with our ability to implement these technologies and make them usable”, said Markhoff .

“Our job as a global player is to reach technology centers like here in Israel, and look for innovative technologies. Connect to Israel is part of our way to head the creativity and innovation in technology, and only then can we qualify for next steps. You have inventors, who are looking to market their technologies, and we have the capabilities to reach those markets – and that is where we can help each other.”

MultiReach shares this view and act as a mediator between Israeli Start-up companies and global investors & distributors.

GE signs collaboration agreement with Israel-based Kinrot Ventures.

From left: Mr. Michael Idelchik, Vice President of Advanced Technologies for GE Global Research, Mr. Heiner Markhoff, President and CEO—Water & Process Technologies for GE Power & Water, Mr. Assaf Barnea, CEO, Kinrot Ventures and Mr. Hillel Milo Managing Partner of AquAgro Fund and Chairman of Kinrot.

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