Taiwan President hopes for increased exchanges with Israel

According to Radio Taiwan International (RTI), Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou said on Monday (May 2nd, 2011) he hopes Taiwan and Israel can enhance trade and cultural exchanges.

Speaking while receiving an Israeli parliamentary group at the Presidential Office, President Ma said:

“We began improving ties with Mainland China three years ago and have since signed 15 cooperative agreements,” Ma said. “As our relations have deepened, the light of peace has already begun to break through the clouds. This should be considered a positive development with regards to regional security. We also hope that Israel can use this opportunity to further improve its ties [with Taiwan]. This would be a positive development to the two sides as well as the region”.

Ma also said both countries (Taiwan and Israel) are alike as they both show fast growth in terms of freedom, technology, and the economy. President Ma mentioned that bilateral trade with Israel last year was only US$1.2 billion and that there was great room for improvement in this regard. He also said he hoped the two sides could expand the range of their cultural exchanges.

At the International Forum on Biotechnology Policy May 2 in Taipei City, President Ma said his government will spare no effort in developing Taiwan’s biotechnology sector and advancing the country along the path to becoming a global innovative powerhouse. Therefore, it’s obvious that BioTech sector has the greatest potential in expending the Taiwanese – Israeli collaboration. We’ve just recently learned that Taiwan is set to launch an NT$60 billion (US$2.09 billion) venture capital fund aimed at generating increased investment in the nation’s biotechnology sector. According to C.Y. Chu, Minister without Portfolio: “This initiative can help startups grow and develop business opportunities. Around 40 percent of the fund will be covered by public money from the National Development Fund, with the balance put up by private investors.”

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2 thoughts on “Taiwan President hopes for increased exchanges with Israel

  1. 1.2billionUS$?! that’s a much nicer figure than I would have guessed. I would have like to see more details on that exchange.

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