Cucumbers 黄瓜

Cucumbers are making headlines in recent weeks but not for the right reasons. The latest outbreak of E.Coli in contaminated Cucumbers in Europe is definitely not the Glory days European Cucumbers knew. As we are heading towards the “Cucumbers Season” (“עונת המלפפונים”, Also known as “Silly season”), we decided to dedicate this post to Rebrand Cucumbers.

Cucumbers play an important roll in Chinese and Israeli cuisines. One of the best “teasers” in many Chinese restaurants is their marinated cucumbers (拍黄瓜) . The cucumber salad is possibly the easiest Chinese food recipe in the world but also very good and refreshing. Here’s a photo of my favorite cucumber Salad, and a cute video recipe (because I know my Mom is going to ask  a recipe).

Cucumbers Salad - Chinese Style

The Classic Israeli Salad is a finely chopped diced tomatoes and cucumbers, onions and parsley, dressed with fresh lemon juice, olive oil and Salt & pepper. In both salads, cucumbers are not peeled so to be on the safe side, just soak the cucumbers for 15-20 minutes in a sterilizing fluid solution.

Want to contribute your own cucumber salad recipe? – Please  leave a Comment.

Israeli Salad

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