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“No talk, all action!”

A world with “No talk, All action” must be a wishful thinking for some of us but in this context it’s a slogan of a Global event – The Start-up weekend.  Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups! (Start-up weekend website).

The purpose of these weekends is mainly to allow Entrepreneurs (from both Technical & Business backgrounds) to find out if their startup ideas are viable. In 54 hours, Entrepreneurs (developers) have to pitch their idea with open mic, design and develop business plans while constantly streamlining their startup vision. Later they are expected to demo their prototypes, listen to judges’ feedback and in some cities, win prizes.

While start-up weekend website has the full list of cities hosting the event, we naturally chose to highlight only the following 5 events: Moscow will host “start-up weekend” on June 17-19.  Haifa, Israel’s Northern Port City, the home of the Technion Institute of Technology and the University of Haifa, as well as Intel’s development lab and the IBM and Microsoft R&D facility , would be hosting start-up weekend on June 22-24 (might be postponeג). Beijing will have a “start-up weekend” on June 24 – 26. Shanghai July 22. Taipei would be hosting it’s first ever “start-up weekend” on August 12-14 at the National Cheng-chi University.

MultiReach Facilitates investments between Israel, China & Taiwan, so if you are entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in these markets, leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to assist you in turning your Dream into a Successful Business!

Good Luck!

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