MultiReach strengthens Taiwan-Israel ties in Haifa

Engaged in strengthening Taiwan- Israel ties, MultiReach has initiated a meeting between the Republic Of China(Taiwan) Representative in Israel- Liang-jen Chang and Haifa Mayor- Yona Yahav. Although assigned to Israel for more than three years and visited Haifa many times before, last Wednesday was Representative’s Chang first official meeting with Mayor Yahav held at Haifa City hall. The purpose of the meeting was introduction and exploring fields for cooperation. Continue reading

Innovation = Invention + Commercialization

Usually, it is not enough to have a bright idea; you should also know how to commercialize it so it would be considered as true Innovation. While there are many Israeli companies with bright Inventions, the solution/company mentioned in the post differentiated itself as a good example of bright invention made in Israel alongside with commercialization in China. Continue reading