China’s search for Innovation & Investments in Haifa, Israel

MultiReach core business is to facilitate the flow of Technology and Investments between Israel and China. Hence, we together with the City of Haifa Municipality were delighted to host number of delegations from China visiting Haifa- a city of Innovation, a week before Jewish New Year (Rosh Ha-Shana).
There were number of reasons for those delegations to come: explore opportunities for collaboration in high-tech; join 100th anniversary of Technion (Alma-mater for three Nobel Prize Laureates); and attending summit of Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) in Jerusalem.

Among Haifa’s distinguished guest were:

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  • City of Shenzhen delegation of 22 members headed by Shenzhen Mayor Mr. Xu Qin. Shenzhen is the true capital of Chinese high-tech industry, headquartering companies like HUAWEI, is also the richest in China with highest per capita income among it’s 17 million population! Following the reception by Mr. Kahlon – Israeli Minister of Communications, Mr. Xu Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen and Mr. Yona Yahav- Mayor of Haifa signed the Sister-City Agreement between Shenzhen and Haifa. Mrs. Gao – Chinese Ambassador in Israel among with senior Embassy staff also attended the ceremony. Later on, a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation was signed by Mr. Kulas, Chairman of Haifa Economic Corporation and the Mayor of Shenzhen.
  • Shanghai City, Shi Bei Science Park delegation headed by Chairman, Mr. Ding. On top of reasons mentioned above, the delegation came to learn from the experience of MATAM Science Park in Haifa and to explore the potential of close collaboration between those organizations.
  • Chengdu City Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries headed by Vice Chairman, Mr. Xu. Together with Haifa Municipality, the delegation was exploring opportunities for high-tech and cultural ties.
It was MultiReach great honor to assist Haifa Municipality in hosting high rank delegations of this scale. We are confident that our professional contribution will lead to to greater collaboration between two nations.


The most exciting news in Israel this week were obviously related to Water. First, it was pouring all week- a real ”November Rain”. Second, it was the sixth year Israel’s WATEC- a three-day International Exhibition on Water, Renewable Energy and Environmental control that has drawn a global attention.

A record number of more than 240 people in 26 delegations from China & Taiwan have visited  this year’s Watec Exhibition & Conference.  The growing presence of Diplomatic delegations, Research Institute and Business people is a supporting fact to the grow interest in Israeli Innovation of Water technologies.

Hence, Israeli ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor has signed memoranda of understanding agreement with Tianjin’s Water Authority to promote implementation of Israeli water technologies in projects in the city. Two memoranda of understanding in the fields of water technologies and small and medium business were also signed by Taiwanese Vice Minister of Economy Jung-Chiou Hwang and Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry Director-General Sharon Kedmi.

MultiReach at Watec 2011

MultiReach’ing TAIWAN

MultiReach is facilitating the flow of Technology & Investments between Israel & Asia. One vector of our work is related to business facilitation between Israeli and Taiwanese companies in Life Science and CleanTech industries. Beside the language barrier, which we feel is the least important, companies usually face challenges coming from cultural differences, they do not know how to overcome. These differences create different expectations at both parties, therefore, it is crucial to consult with an experience third party that is familiar with both cultures to manage their expectations. We feel that there’s a great room for Israeli-Taiwanese cooperation in these areas and are honored to promote it.

MultiReach met with one of Taiwan’s leading distributors in Medical Device industry to introduce them with Israeli Innovative implant for face lifting. There’s a growing interest in Israeli Medical Device technologies and we are expecting the first successful story of Israeli-Taiwanese cooperation in Medical device very soon.

Introducing Israeli Aesthetic solution to one of Taiwan's leading distributors in Medical Device

Very positive meeting at the BioMedical Engineering R&C center located in central Taiwan and looking to invest in Israeli innovative technologies and/or work on mutual clinical trails projects.

At the BioMedical Engineering R&D center

As part of their “Great Love Tour”, Da Ai TV crew supported by the Tzu Chi foundation, visited Israel last year (July 2010). DaAi TV is aired by satellite worldwide, and has millions of viewers in the Far East and America. The purpose of their visit was to cover the story of Israeli Water Technologies and MultiReach were honored to join their tour.

Meeting the wonderful ladies of Tzu Chi foundation

Maya & Michael of MultiReach,  graduated  Chinese MBA program at the Tamkang University. Here, they pay a visit to their adviser- Prof. Wang who holds the Dean position at the College of Management.

With Prof. Wang- Dean, College of Management, Tamkang University

At the Taiwan Water Corporation

And last but not least- Dr. Einhorn, head of the Jewish community in Taiwan and a dear person to our heart.

Late Sunday afternoon with honorable Dr. Einhorn

Israel- Taiwan: Science & Technology Cooperation

In our previous post here, we’ve shared the news on Taiwanese delegation visiting Israel led by ITRI’s (Taiwan’s largest and most important Industrial Research Institute) President Shyu Jyuo-min. We’ve attached a full interview with Mr. Shyu in which he was quoted saying “ITRI will focus its research and development on green energy and biotechnology”.

This blog keeps stressing these two mentioned above industries have the greatest potential for Israeli-Taiwanese cooperation. Hence, in his last visit to Taiwan (May 2011), Prof. Daniel Weihs, chief scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology, said Taiwan was the best among the 15 countries that had signed a Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement with Israel in terms of the success of relationships built and papers published in several areas.

In the past few years, Scientists and academics from Taiwan and Israel have jointly worked in the areas of neuroscience, medical engineering, nanotechnology and medical devices. Future cooperation shall vary from marine sciences to algorithms for application in robotics.

Israel and Taiwan have recently granted mutual visa-waiver privilege to Taiwanese and Israeli passport holders.

Prof. Daniel Weihs, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Science, with Israeli Representative to Taiwan Simon Halperin and the Deputy Minister of the NSC with his team.

Photo by “Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei ” (ISECO).

Tightening the Israeli- Taiwanese Cooperation

MultiReach is working on bringing Taiwanese Investments and Israeli Technologies together, while focusing on CleanTech and BioTech industries. Therefore, we’re excited to witness a recent tightening in Israeli-Taiwanese Cooperation. Here’s a general introduction of two delegations scheduled to visit in Israel and Taiwan in coming month: A delegation of Taiwan’s largest and most important Industrial Research Institute – ITRI is expected to visit Israel in March. Leading the delegation is Institute president, Mr. Shyu Jyuo-min (See link to an interview with Mr. Shyu below). The state-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute has employs 5800 employees and researchers and plays an important role in spearheading the development of Taiwan’s high-tech industries. During the visit which is organized by Ministry of Industry in Taiwan in cooperation with The Israeli Export Institute, the delegation will meet Universities, Research Institutes and leading Israeli CleanTech companies. Main objective of the visit is examining and identifying possible collaboration between ITRI or other Taiwanese companies and Israeli research Institutes/companies.

Another delegation is Israeli Medical equipment delegation which will also leave to Taiwan in mid March. The delegation is organized by Israel Export Institute and shall include Israeli Medical Device companies, with established products, seeking distribution channels and strategic alliances in Taiwan. The delegation is expected to visit leading Taiwanese companies and private hospitals for meetings with Procurement managers / equipment vendors.

Read the full interview with ITRI President Shyu Jyuo-min to learn how Medical device and CleanTech are two areas with the greatest potential for Israeli Taiwanese cooperation.

Stinky Tofu in Pita

The biggest challenge Taiwanese -Israeli collaborations are usually facing, is with no doubt related to their cultural differences. We at MultiReach are working as consultants and business facilitators between Taiwanese and Israeli companies. Thanks to our deep understanding of these cultures, we are able to assist companies in narrowing the gap between the very different two cultures.

While MultiReach focuses on BioTech and CleanTech industries, we always happy to learn of new success stories. Hence, we’ve recently learnt of two Israeli based companies that had ‘made it’ in Taiwan:

PrimeSense, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, recently teamed up with Taiwanese Asus. PrimeSense is the leader in sensing and recognition solutions, enabling consumer devices to “see” environments and allowing users to control and interact naturally with those devices in a simple and intuitive way. ASUS is the world’s top 3 consumer notebook vendor and the maker of the world’s bestselling and most award winning motherboards, is a leading enterprise in the new digital era. PrimeSense Immersive Natural Interaction™ solutions will be embedded in WAVI Xtion, a next generation user interface device developed by ASUS to extend PC usage to the living room.

Read Full article in Business Wire:

Another story is related to recent talks between Better Place and Taiwan’s Yulon Group. MultiReach and Taiwan’s Da Ai TV crew have visited Better Place visitors Center in Hertzelia last July. Little that we knew, few months later we will hear of advanced electric car talks. Better Place LLC is reportedly in advanced talks with Yulon Group to deploy Better Place’s battery replacement station technology in Taiwan. Yulon Motor Co. Ltd. is Taiwan’s largest vehicle company, with manufacturing and importing operations. According to Globes, Taiwanese newspapers report that an agreement will include the deployment of battery replacement stations, and probably the replaceable battery technology in Yulon’s future electric car models. The papers did not say whether Better Place will manage the battery replacement and recharging stations, as it does under its business model in Israel and Denmark.

Read Full article in Globes: )

*** Stinky tofu (or chòu dòufu臭豆腐) is a form of fermented tofu that has a strong odor. It is a popular snack in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Pita is a round pocket bread widely consumed in many Middle East countries among them Israel. Israelis are eating almost everything in a pita, from falafel, lamb or chicken shawarma and kebab, shakshouka (eggs and tomatoes) and hummus and other salads. Special thanks to our friend Ori who suggested the name “Stinky Tofu in a Pita” long before this post was written.

A very poor collage of Stinky tofu in Pita :-)


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The ‘Great Love’ Tour

Israeli Water Technologies draw Global Attention

In our post “The Great Love Tour”, we told about the interest Taiwan’s Ministry of Environmental Protection had shown in Israeli Water Technologies. As mentioned, last July Taiwan’s Da Ai TV crew has arrived to Israel to cover the subject. Earlier this month, we were glad to hear of another global giant examining Israeli Water Innovation as GE announced a partnership agreement Israel-based Kinrot Ventures.

Here are some quotations from the media of what Mr. Heiner Markhoff, President and CEO—Water & Process Technologies for GE Power & Water had to say on the occasion of the signing of the collaboration with Israel’s Kinrot Ventures incubator: “We have identified a lot of innovation potential in Israel in recent years, especially in Water. We had activities and discussions around the issue and we decided to examine technologies that we want to be part of.”

“We decided to work with startups technology to integrate their potential with our ability to implement these technologies and make them usable”, said Markhoff .

“Our job as a global player is to reach technology centers like here in Israel, and look for innovative technologies. Connect to Israel is part of our way to head the creativity and innovation in technology, and only then can we qualify for next steps. You have inventors, who are looking to market their technologies, and we have the capabilities to reach those markets – and that is where we can help each other.”

MultiReach shares this view and act as a mediator between Israeli Start-up companies and global investors & distributors.

GE signs collaboration agreement with Israel-based Kinrot Ventures.

From left: Mr. Michael Idelchik, Vice President of Advanced Technologies for GE Global Research, Mr. Heiner Markhoff, President and CEO—Water & Process Technologies for GE Power & Water, Mr. Assaf Barnea, CEO, Kinrot Ventures and Mr. Hillel Milo Managing Partner of AquAgro Fund and Chairman of Kinrot.

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The ‘Great Love’ Tour

A recap of ‘Great Love’ Tour  (video)

The ‘Great Love’ Tour

Last month (July 2010), I had the honor to accompany a team of Taiwanese television station- DaAi TV Network, who has visited Israel for a series of programs on Israeli Water Technologies. DaAi (Chinese: 大愛, means “Great Love”)TV is aired by satellite worldwide, and has millions of viewers in the Far East and America.

The idea of sending Taiwanese TV crew to cover Israeli Water Technologies was born after those technologies have left strong impressions on Taiwanese delegation of Ministry of Environmental Protection while visiting WATEC last November. DaAi TV with the assistance of the director of economic affairs ofISECO, Mr. Ophir Gore and The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute have tailored a two weeks tour to cover the following topics: desalination; water conservation and leaks prevention; water management and transportation; water purification; filtration; sewage treatment and wastewater recycling; water control, management, and monitoring; irrigation; and Israel’s Bedouin community.

Kibbutz Alonim. DaAi TV crew with Mr.Asher Eizenkot (right), Head of Soil and Water Department, Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Mr. KD Jou (left) , Senior Engineer of Taiwan Water Corp.

Together we have visited  Netafim Ltd.IDE Technologies Ltd., Shari Arison’s water venture MIYAWhitewater Technology Group portfolio company Checklight Ltd., Motorola Israel Ltd. unit Mottech Water Management Solutions Ltd., and despite previous publications, we were even able to squeeze a meeting with Mr. Assaf Barnea, CEO of Israel’s premier water technologies incubator Kinrot Technology Ventures.

IDE's desalination plant in Ashkelon

Not related to Water Technologies, yet attracts much of attention (maybe thanks to the success of “Start-Up Nation” in Taiwan), the team also visited Better Place , and may run a separate program on Shay Agassi’s electric car venture.
Here’s a recap video of ‘Great Love’ Tour (Subscribe to MultiReach Channel on YouTube)

Israel to head the world’s largest R&D initiative

The “Eureka” initiative, a pan-European, inter-governmental initiative that sees investments of 1.5 billion Euros every year, has chosen Israel to head its world largest R&D network.

Israeli companies taking part in more than 10% of the Eureka program projects, worth 100 million Euros. In an event to be held in Berlin in two days (June 23, 2010), Israel will receive the official presidency, 150 new R & D projects will be approved, of which 23 are Israeli projects (project has a budget of one million Euros a year, for three years).

Israeli Presidency will promote investment of venture capital, regional banks and large investors – like the European Investment Bank – for marketing the projects.

Mr. Kedmi Sharon of Israeli Ministry of Industry said Israel will act to promote the R & D with Germany. He said that Israel will focus on four areas: information technology, pharma and biotechnology, cleantech and water. ”

The full article (Hebrew):