The 99th National Day of the Republic Of China (Taiwan)

Taiwan marked its 99th National Day yesterday. The Island’s National Day is known as Double-Ten (雙十) because it falls on October 10, commemorates the Republican Revolution, which broke out in China, on October 10, 1911, and brought about the end of China’s Qing dynasty.

In Taiwan, people celebrated Double-Ten with a grand flower floats parade and a dazzling fireworks show. In Israel, The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Tel-Aviv held a reception at Dan Panorama Hotel to celebrate the event. Among speakers were: Mr. Liang Jen Chang – Representative, Dr. Nachman Shai – the Israeli Knesset’s Israel- Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group Chair, MK. Orit Noked – Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade & Labor and Mrs. Maya Chen MD at MultiReach. Long list of honorable guests included Israel’s former envoy to Taiwan Mr. Raphael Gamzu and his wife Michal, members of the Knesset- Mr. Amir Peretz and Mr. Yoel Hasson, Deputy Mayor Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality- Mr. Doron Sapir, Managing Director at Giza Venture Capital- Mr. Ezer Soref and many other friends of Taiwan.

Right to left: Mr. San Shiun Tseng- Deputy Director at TECO, Mr. Liang Jen Chang - Representative, Mrs. Maya Chen- MD of MultiReach, Dr. Nachman Shai - the Israeli Knesset's Israel- Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group Chair and Mr. Michael Liagine of MultiReach.

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