Recapping 2012

The year of 2012 was a busy and prosperous for us at MultiReach; From growing business for Israeli tech-companies in China, via movie production to promote tourism, all the way to introducing Taiwan studies at Haifa University. Here, we are glad to share with you “A Year in Photos” that highlights some of our great moments of the year!

Wish you all a prosperous 2013!


♥«´¨`•° HAPPY NEW YEAR °•´¨`»♥


מתנה ממולטיריץ’ לכבוד השנה החדשה

MultiReach’ing TAIWAN

MultiReach is facilitating the flow of Technology & Investments between Israel & Asia. One vector of our work is related to business facilitation between Israeli and Taiwanese companies in Life Science and CleanTech industries. Beside the language barrier, which we feel is the least important, companies usually face challenges coming from cultural differences, they do not know how to overcome. These differences create different expectations at both parties, therefore, it is crucial to consult with an experience third party that is familiar with both cultures to manage their expectations. We feel that there’s a great room for Israeli-Taiwanese cooperation in these areas and are honored to promote it.

MultiReach met with one of Taiwan’s leading distributors in Medical Device industry to introduce them with Israeli Innovative implant for face lifting. There’s a growing interest in Israeli Medical Device technologies and we are expecting the first successful story of Israeli-Taiwanese cooperation in Medical device very soon.

Introducing Israeli Aesthetic solution to one of Taiwan's leading distributors in Medical Device

Very positive meeting at the BioMedical Engineering R&C center located in central Taiwan and looking to invest in Israeli innovative technologies and/or work on mutual clinical trails projects.

At the BioMedical Engineering R&D center

As part of their “Great Love Tour”, Da Ai TV crew supported by the Tzu Chi foundation, visited Israel last year (July 2010). DaAi TV is aired by satellite worldwide, and has millions of viewers in the Far East and America. The purpose of their visit was to cover the story of Israeli Water Technologies and MultiReach were honored to join their tour.

Meeting the wonderful ladies of Tzu Chi foundation

Maya & Michael of MultiReach,  graduated  Chinese MBA program at the Tamkang University. Here, they pay a visit to their adviser- Prof. Wang who holds the Dean position at the College of Management.

With Prof. Wang- Dean, College of Management, Tamkang University

At the Taiwan Water Corporation

And last but not least- Dr. Einhorn, head of the Jewish community in Taiwan and a dear person to our heart.

Late Sunday afternoon with honorable Dr. Einhorn

Israel- Taiwan: Science & Technology Cooperation

In our previous post here, we’ve shared the news on Taiwanese delegation visiting Israel led by ITRI’s (Taiwan’s largest and most important Industrial Research Institute) President Shyu Jyuo-min. We’ve attached a full interview with Mr. Shyu in which he was quoted saying “ITRI will focus its research and development on green energy and biotechnology”.

This blog keeps stressing these two mentioned above industries have the greatest potential for Israeli-Taiwanese cooperation. Hence, in his last visit to Taiwan (May 2011), Prof. Daniel Weihs, chief scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology, said Taiwan was the best among the 15 countries that had signed a Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement with Israel in terms of the success of relationships built and papers published in several areas.

In the past few years, Scientists and academics from Taiwan and Israel have jointly worked in the areas of neuroscience, medical engineering, nanotechnology and medical devices. Future cooperation shall vary from marine sciences to algorithms for application in robotics.

Israel and Taiwan have recently granted mutual visa-waiver privilege to Taiwanese and Israeli passport holders.

Prof. Daniel Weihs, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Science, with Israeli Representative to Taiwan Simon Halperin and the Deputy Minister of the NSC with his team.

Photo by “Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei ” (ISECO).

China will dominate the BioTech Market

Many entrepreneurs we meet within the Biotech industry share strong will to succeed in China.  Hence, despite risks associated with entering this market, the country not only represents a strong destination for exports, but also promises a huge domestic market.

A new report by RNCOS (a market research and information analysis company) indicates that China is the market you want to enter if you have an innovative Biotechnology. The RNCOS report projects around 16% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to the Asia-Pacific biotech market during 2010 – 2012. China alone is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 23% during these years. Cheap labor costs, strong biodiversity, immense government support, and a huge pool of human resources are factors believed to contribute to China’s potential to dominate the world biotech market.

Later this moth, Israel will host the 10th National Life Science and Technology Week. Naturally, we in MultiReach believe there’s a great room for Israeli-Chinese collaborations in the filed of Biotechnology, hence we work to facilitates and promote collaborations of this kind.

Taiwan President hopes for increased exchanges with Israel

According to Radio Taiwan International (RTI), Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou said on Monday (May 2nd, 2011) he hopes Taiwan and Israel can enhance trade and cultural exchanges.

Speaking while receiving an Israeli parliamentary group at the Presidential Office, President Ma said:

“We began improving ties with Mainland China three years ago and have since signed 15 cooperative agreements,” Ma said. “As our relations have deepened, the light of peace has already begun to break through the clouds. This should be considered a positive development with regards to regional security. We also hope that Israel can use this opportunity to further improve its ties [with Taiwan]. This would be a positive development to the two sides as well as the region”.

Ma also said both countries (Taiwan and Israel) are alike as they both show fast growth in terms of freedom, technology, and the economy. President Ma mentioned that bilateral trade with Israel last year was only US$1.2 billion and that there was great room for improvement in this regard. He also said he hoped the two sides could expand the range of their cultural exchanges.

At the International Forum on Biotechnology Policy May 2 in Taipei City, President Ma said his government will spare no effort in developing Taiwan’s biotechnology sector and advancing the country along the path to becoming a global innovative powerhouse. Therefore, it’s obvious that BioTech sector has the greatest potential in expending the Taiwanese – Israeli collaboration. We’ve just recently learned that Taiwan is set to launch an NT$60 billion (US$2.09 billion) venture capital fund aimed at generating increased investment in the nation’s biotechnology sector. According to C.Y. Chu, Minister without Portfolio: “This initiative can help startups grow and develop business opportunities. Around 40 percent of the fund will be covered by public money from the National Development Fund, with the balance put up by private investors.”

Read full article here.

Tightening the Israeli- Taiwanese Cooperation

MultiReach is working on bringing Taiwanese Investments and Israeli Technologies together, while focusing on CleanTech and BioTech industries. Therefore, we’re excited to witness a recent tightening in Israeli-Taiwanese Cooperation. Here’s a general introduction of two delegations scheduled to visit in Israel and Taiwan in coming month: A delegation of Taiwan’s largest and most important Industrial Research Institute – ITRI is expected to visit Israel in March. Leading the delegation is Institute president, Mr. Shyu Jyuo-min (See link to an interview with Mr. Shyu below). The state-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute has employs 5800 employees and researchers and plays an important role in spearheading the development of Taiwan’s high-tech industries. During the visit which is organized by Ministry of Industry in Taiwan in cooperation with The Israeli Export Institute, the delegation will meet Universities, Research Institutes and leading Israeli CleanTech companies. Main objective of the visit is examining and identifying possible collaboration between ITRI or other Taiwanese companies and Israeli research Institutes/companies.

Another delegation is Israeli Medical equipment delegation which will also leave to Taiwan in mid March. The delegation is organized by Israel Export Institute and shall include Israeli Medical Device companies, with established products, seeking distribution channels and strategic alliances in Taiwan. The delegation is expected to visit leading Taiwanese companies and private hospitals for meetings with Procurement managers / equipment vendors.

Read the full interview with ITRI President Shyu Jyuo-min to learn how Medical device and CleanTech are two areas with the greatest potential for Israeli Taiwanese cooperation.

Invest in Taiwan

“Invest in Taiwan” forum was launched by Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jiu, Aug.23 in Taipei. The one-day event attracted more than 900 participants from 500 businesses and organizations, including 141 representatives from 102 foreign entities based in 25 nations. During the forum, participants learned how the government is working to facilitate private investment, while industry experts outlined opportunities for developing Taiwan’s key sectors. The government hopes to attract NT$434.42 billion (US$13.59 billion) in private investment through some 85 investment proposals mapped out by various ministries and councils.

Following this, The Representative of the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) has held an event titled Taiwan’s Investment Environment & Opportunity, Aug.24 in Tel Aviv. Mrs. Maya Chen of MultiReach was there to listen to Mr. Jerry Shyy’s, Economic Division Director briefing. Mr.Shyy has counted the benefits of investing in Taiwan (mostly thanks to Taiwan’s position as a gateway to China). Mr. Shyy has also mentioned i-Taiwan 12 projects, 12 major public constructions projects to regenerate Taiwan’s economic miracle. The estimated investment amount is NT$4 trillion (~ US$12.5 billion) from 2008-2016. Government’s efforts in promoting the Six emerging industries (BioTech, Tourism, Green Energy, HealthCare, High End Agriculture and Cultural & Creative Industries) were introduced as well.

Mr. Jerry Shyy (right), Economic Division Director, Mr. Liang-jen Chang (center), Representative, Mr. Terry Wang (left).

Mr.Shyy’s briefing was followed by an excellent presentation by Mr. Terry Wang. Mr. Wang, former IBM Consultant in Taiwan was introducing Taiwan’s Hi-Tech Industry, putting an emphasis on Israel’s Opportunity.

Mrs. Maya Chen (right), Managing Director of MultiReach, Mr. Terry Wang (center), Mrs. Susan Yang of TECO.

Israel to head the world’s largest R&D initiative

The “Eureka” initiative, a pan-European, inter-governmental initiative that sees investments of 1.5 billion Euros every year, has chosen Israel to head its world largest R&D network.

Israeli companies taking part in more than 10% of the Eureka program projects, worth 100 million Euros. In an event to be held in Berlin in two days (June 23, 2010), Israel will receive the official presidency, 150 new R & D projects will be approved, of which 23 are Israeli projects (project has a budget of one million Euros a year, for three years).

Israeli Presidency will promote investment of venture capital, regional banks and large investors – like the European Investment Bank – for marketing the projects.

Mr. Kedmi Sharon of Israeli Ministry of Industry said Israel will act to promote the R & D with Germany. He said that Israel will focus on four areas: information technology, pharma and biotechnology, cleantech and water. ”

The full article (Hebrew):