The most exciting news in Israel this week were obviously related to Water. First, it was pouring all week- a real ”November Rain”. Second, it was the sixth year Israel’s WATEC- a three-day International Exhibition on Water, Renewable Energy and Environmental control that has drawn a global attention.

A record number of more than 240 people in 26 delegations from China & Taiwan have visited  this year’s Watec Exhibition & Conference.  The growing presence of Diplomatic delegations, Research Institute and Business people is a supporting fact to the grow interest in Israeli Innovation of Water technologies.

Hence, Israeli ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor has signed memoranda of understanding agreement with Tianjin’s Water Authority to promote implementation of Israeli water technologies in projects in the city. Two memoranda of understanding in the fields of water technologies and small and medium business were also signed by Taiwanese Vice Minister of Economy Jung-Chiou Hwang and Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry Director-General Sharon Kedmi.

MultiReach at Watec 2011

Israel- Taiwan: Science & Technology Cooperation

In our previous post here, we’ve shared the news on Taiwanese delegation visiting Israel led by ITRI’s (Taiwan’s largest and most important Industrial Research Institute) President Shyu Jyuo-min. We’ve attached a full interview with Mr. Shyu in which he was quoted saying “ITRI will focus its research and development on green energy and biotechnology”.

This blog keeps stressing these two mentioned above industries have the greatest potential for Israeli-Taiwanese cooperation. Hence, in his last visit to Taiwan (May 2011), Prof. Daniel Weihs, chief scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology, said Taiwan was the best among the 15 countries that had signed a Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement with Israel in terms of the success of relationships built and papers published in several areas.

In the past few years, Scientists and academics from Taiwan and Israel have jointly worked in the areas of neuroscience, medical engineering, nanotechnology and medical devices. Future cooperation shall vary from marine sciences to algorithms for application in robotics.

Israel and Taiwan have recently granted mutual visa-waiver privilege to Taiwanese and Israeli passport holders.

Prof. Daniel Weihs, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Science, with Israeli Representative to Taiwan Simon Halperin and the Deputy Minister of the NSC with his team.

Photo by “Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei ” (ISECO).

Invest in Taiwan

“Invest in Taiwan” forum was launched by Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jiu, Aug.23 in Taipei. The one-day event attracted more than 900 participants from 500 businesses and organizations, including 141 representatives from 102 foreign entities based in 25 nations. During the forum, participants learned how the government is working to facilitate private investment, while industry experts outlined opportunities for developing Taiwan’s key sectors. The government hopes to attract NT$434.42 billion (US$13.59 billion) in private investment through some 85 investment proposals mapped out by various ministries and councils.

Following this, The Representative of the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) has held an event titled Taiwan’s Investment Environment & Opportunity, Aug.24 in Tel Aviv. Mrs. Maya Chen of MultiReach was there to listen to Mr. Jerry Shyy’s, Economic Division Director briefing. Mr.Shyy has counted the benefits of investing in Taiwan (mostly thanks to Taiwan’s position as a gateway to China). Mr. Shyy has also mentioned i-Taiwan 12 projects, 12 major public constructions projects to regenerate Taiwan’s economic miracle. The estimated investment amount is NT$4 trillion (~ US$12.5 billion) from 2008-2016. Government’s efforts in promoting the Six emerging industries (BioTech, Tourism, Green Energy, HealthCare, High End Agriculture and Cultural & Creative Industries) were introduced as well.

Mr. Jerry Shyy (right), Economic Division Director, Mr. Liang-jen Chang (center), Representative, Mr. Terry Wang (left).

Mr.Shyy’s briefing was followed by an excellent presentation by Mr. Terry Wang. Mr. Wang, former IBM Consultant in Taiwan was introducing Taiwan’s Hi-Tech Industry, putting an emphasis on Israel’s Opportunity.

Mrs. Maya Chen (right), Managing Director of MultiReach, Mr. Terry Wang (center), Mrs. Susan Yang of TECO.