Recapping 2012

The year of 2012 was a busy and prosperous for us at MultiReach; From growing business for Israeli tech-companies in China, via movie production to promote tourism, all the way to introducing Taiwan studies at Haifa University. Here, we are glad to share with you “A Year in Photos” that highlights some of our great moments of the year!

Wish you all a prosperous 2013!


♥«´¨`•° HAPPY NEW YEAR °•´¨`»♥


MultiReach strengthens Taiwan-Israel ties in Haifa

MultiReach 一直努力在加強台以之間的關係

Engaged in strengthening Taiwan- Israel ties, MultiReach has initiated a meeting between the Republic Of China(Taiwan) Representative in Israel- Liang-jen Chang and Haifa Mayor- Yona Yahav. Although assigned to Israel for more than three years and visited Haifa many times before, last Wednesday was Representative’s Chang first official meeting with Mayor Yahav held at Haifa City hall. The purpose of the meeting was introduction and exploring fields for cooperation.

Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel, home for three Nobel laureates (winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, prof. Dan Shechtman visited Taiwan last year) and also the nation’s innovation hub where world’s leading R&D centers are located (Microsoft, Intel, Yahoo, Google and soon also Apple). In the meeting both sides pointed out that Taiwan’s manufacturing is very strong, hence two sides can strengthen the integration and create more business opportunities while R&D is conducted in Haifa and manufacturing in Taiwan.

Representative Chang also personally invited Mayor Yahav and Chairman of Haifa Science Park to a field trip in Taiwan to further develop the cooperation between both sides.

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China’s search for Innovation & Investments in Haifa, Israel

MultiReach core business is to facilitate the flow of Technology and Investments between Israel and China. Hence, we together with the City of Haifa Municipality were delighted to host number of delegations from China visiting Haifa- a city of Innovation, a week before Jewish New Year (Rosh Ha-Shana).
There were number of reasons for those delegations to come: explore opportunities for collaboration in high-tech; join 100th anniversary of Technion (Alma-mater for three Nobel Prize Laureates); and attending summit of Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) in Jerusalem.

Among Haifa’s distinguished guest were:

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  • City of Shenzhen delegation of 22 members headed by Shenzhen Mayor Mr. Xu Qin. Shenzhen is the true capital of Chinese high-tech industry, headquartering companies like HUAWEI, is also the richest in China with highest per capita income among it’s 17 million population! Following the reception by Mr. Kahlon – Israeli Minister of Communications, Mr. Xu Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen and Mr. Yona Yahav- Mayor of Haifa signed the Sister-City Agreement between Shenzhen and Haifa. Mrs. Gao – Chinese Ambassador in Israel among with senior Embassy staff also attended the ceremony. Later on, a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation was signed by Mr. Kulas, Chairman of Haifa Economic Corporation and the Mayor of Shenzhen.
  • Shanghai City, Shi Bei Science Park delegation headed by Chairman, Mr. Ding. On top of reasons mentioned above, the delegation came to learn from the experience of MATAM Science Park in Haifa and to explore the potential of close collaboration between those organizations.
  • Chengdu City Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries headed by Vice Chairman, Mr. Xu. Together with Haifa Municipality, the delegation was exploring opportunities for high-tech and cultural ties.
It was MultiReach great honor to assist Haifa Municipality in hosting high rank delegations of this scale. We are confident that our professional contribution will lead to to greater collaboration between two nations.

יום הומניטרי עולמי

היום (19 באוגוסט 2012), מתקיים “יום הומניטרי עולמי”. היום הזה הוכרז על ידי האסיפה הכללית של האו”ם לזכר 22 אנשי או”ם שנספו בהפצצה בבגדד בשנת 2003, בזמן שביקשו לסייע לאחרים. “הייתי פה” הוא שמו של הקמפיין השנה כשהרעיון הוא “להטביע את חותמך” על-ידי מעשה טוב עבור מישהו אחר אי שם.

הומניטריות מבית

ודאי שמתם לב שהפוסט הזה שונה מקודמיו וסביר להניח ששונה גם מאלה שיבוא אחריו. הפוסט הזה לא עוסק בחדשנות ישראלית או בתרבות הסינית, לא עוסק בטכנולוגיה וגם לא בעסקים.לפוסט הזה, רציתי לתת נימה אישית יותר. ואם כבר בנימה אישית, הרשו לי לשתף אתכם בפיסת המידע הבאה: סבתא שלי ז”ל הייתה אחות בי”ח למעלה מ40 שנה, אמא שלי שתזכה לחיים ארוכים אחות כבר 34 שנים, דודה שלי- אחות, ודודה שניה, ניחשתם נכון- גם אחות. הומניטריות וחמלה הם ערכים שספגתי בבית ולמרות שלא בחרתי ללכת בדרכן של הנשים הגדולות שבחיי, למרות שהעיסוק שלי אינו קשור בהומניטריות באופן ישיר, אני רוצה לקוות שאמשיך גם אני, להקדיש מזמני כדי לעשות טוב לאחרים.

היום, התנדבתי בבי”ח מאיר, בית חולים לילדים בחיפה. מרבית הילדים שם מאושפזים למספר ימים ולרב גם יש מורה של משרד החינוך שמפעילה שם כיתה. עכשיו, זמן חופש גדול אין מורה והילדים משועממים. מקווה שלכמה שעות הצלחתי להסיח את דעתם מהחולי.

מיליוני אנשים ברחבי העולם זקוקים לסיוע הומניטרי בכל יום. כל אחד ואחת מאיתנו ללא קשר למי שאנחנו והיכן אנחנו נמצאים- יכולים וצריכים לעזור.

שנהיה בריאים,


Moscow-> Haifa-> Beijing-> Shanghai-> Taipei

“No talk, all action!”

A world with “No talk, All action” must be a wishful thinking for some of us but in this context it’s a slogan of a Global event – The Start-up weekend.  Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups! (Start-up weekend website).

The purpose of these weekends is mainly to allow Entrepreneurs (from both Technical & Business backgrounds) to find out if their startup ideas are viable. In 54 hours, Entrepreneurs (developers) have to pitch their idea with open mic, design and develop business plans while constantly streamlining their startup vision. Later they are expected to demo their prototypes, listen to judges’ feedback and in some cities, win prizes.

While start-up weekend website has the full list of cities hosting the event, we naturally chose to highlight only the following 5 events: Moscow will host “start-up weekend” on June 17-19.  Haifa, Israel’s Northern Port City, the home of the Technion Institute of Technology and the University of Haifa, as well as Intel’s development lab and the IBM and Microsoft R&D facility , would be hosting start-up weekend on June 22-24 (might be postponeג). Beijing will have a “start-up weekend” on June 24 – 26. Shanghai July 22. Taipei would be hosting it’s first ever “start-up weekend” on August 12-14 at the National Cheng-chi University.

MultiReach Facilitates investments between Israel, China & Taiwan, so if you are entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in these markets, leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to assist you in turning your Dream into a Successful Business!

Good Luck!