Israel, Taiwan and World Competitiveness 2010

The world’s most renowned and comprehensive annual report on the competitiveness of nations- The Swiss Institute for Management Development (IMD) yearbook, ranks and analyzes how a nation’s environment creates and sustains the competitiveness of enterprises. The IMD competitiveness survey ranks 58 economies according to 328 different criteria that measure how favorable a country is to business.

According to the latest rankings of the World Competitiveness Yearbook, Taiwan’s rating surged from No. 23 in 2009 to No. 8 in 2010. Israel’s rating surged from No. 24 last year to No. 17, placed it after Germany and before China.

Israel’s economy is No. 1 in the world in terms of:

  • Economy’s resilience to crises
  • Expenditure in research and development as a percentage of gross domestic product
  • Innovative capacity of firms to generate new products, processes and services

In the business-efficiency category, Israel scored very high in availability of skilled labor, finance skills, entrepreneurship of managers and venture capital.