Recapping 2012

The year of 2012 was a busy and prosperous for us at MultiReach; From growing business for Israeli tech-companies in China, via movie production to promote tourism, all the way to introducing Taiwan studies at Haifa University. Here, we are glad to share with you “A Year in Photos” that highlights some of our great moments of the year!

Wish you all a prosperous 2013!


♥«´¨`•° HAPPY NEW YEAR °•´¨`»♥


MultiReach in Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2012

תערוכת Mobile World Congress 2012 שהתקיימה בשבוע שעבר בברצלונה היא ללא ספק האירוע הגדול של השנה בתחום המובייל. כיון שהתערוכה זכתה לסיקור תקשורתי נרחב, לא נלאה אתכם כאן בפרטים. למרות זאת, חשוב לציין שלישראל הייתה נוכחות מרשימה בתערוכה: כ- 140 חברות ישראליות הציגו בתערוכה (כ-10% מכלל החברות המציגות בה), מתוכן 100 במסגרת הדוכן של מכון הייצוא ו-40 נוספות שיציגו באופן עצמאי . ואולם, מי שבאמת גנבו את ההצגה השנה באופן לא מפתיע, היו ענקיות התקשורת הסיניות . אם לפני כעשור דיברו על תחרות בין Nokia לEricsson, הרי שהשנה נדמה היה שתערוכת המובייל עומדת בסימן מפגני ראווה של זי.טי.אי (ZTE) וחואה וויי(Huawei). הנה לכם הצצה…

MultiReach’ing London VS. MultiReach’ing Johannesburg

As a Global Consulting & Business Facilitation firm- MultiReach had a very busy November: First, we had the very popular Traveling TV show “King of Adventure Taiwan” filming in Israel. Later we’ve met with delegations from China & Taiwan visiting world leading Conference & Exhibition for Water technologies- Watec. Last week of November was spent with one arm of MultiReach attending two conferences in London while the other arm was attending an important meeting with Chinese Telecom Company in Johannesburg.

This year has obviously been a real watershed year in terms of companies recognizing the value and scope of what apps represent to their future business activities. MultiReach was accompanying a very promising Israeli Start- Up Company offering a mobile analytic solution in two relevant conferences: Apps World Europe (29-30 November) held two days of discussion and insight around multi-platform apps, with some of the leading brands and individuals from around the industry gathering to examine the latest industry trends and where they’re leading us.

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit featured historically popular marketing analytics topics as well as the high-demand social media track, and two tracks focusing on mobile and media technologies and practices.
Shared wisdom and experiences of industry leaders, MultiReach is certain the Israeli Start-Up company would soon make headlines. Stay tuned!

Our rich experience and deep understanding of Western and Chinese Cultural differences allow us to master in bridging those differences. MultiReach traveled to Johannesburg to accompany a well known Telecom solution provider in their meeting with a huge Chinese Telecom company. The meeting went very well and we are expecting long term cooperation between both sides.

Moscow-> Haifa-> Beijing-> Shanghai-> Taipei

“No talk, all action!”

A world with “No talk, All action” must be a wishful thinking for some of us but in this context it’s a slogan of a Global event – The Start-up weekend.  Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups! (Start-up weekend website).

The purpose of these weekends is mainly to allow Entrepreneurs (from both Technical & Business backgrounds) to find out if their startup ideas are viable. In 54 hours, Entrepreneurs (developers) have to pitch their idea with open mic, design and develop business plans while constantly streamlining their startup vision. Later they are expected to demo their prototypes, listen to judges’ feedback and in some cities, win prizes.

While start-up weekend website has the full list of cities hosting the event, we naturally chose to highlight only the following 5 events: Moscow will host “start-up weekend” on June 17-19.  Haifa, Israel’s Northern Port City, the home of the Technion Institute of Technology and the University of Haifa, as well as Intel’s development lab and the IBM and Microsoft R&D facility , would be hosting start-up weekend on June 22-24 (might be postponeג). Beijing will have a “start-up weekend” on June 24 – 26. Shanghai July 22. Taipei would be hosting it’s first ever “start-up weekend” on August 12-14 at the National Cheng-chi University.

MultiReach Facilitates investments between Israel, China & Taiwan, so if you are entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in these markets, leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to assist you in turning your Dream into a Successful Business!

Good Luck!

Developed in Israel, Assembled in China & Taiwan

Start-up Iway Mobile and Cellcom, Israel’s largest mobile phone operator, launched on Sunday (Jan. 23rd, 2011) a communications, Internet and entertainment system for the automobile.

While the Comodo Console will be sold first in February in Israel, where it will be marketed exclusively by Cellcom, Iway is in talks to sell the product to cellular operators in other countries over the next six months.

The design and development of the console was done in Israel, while the assemblage is carried out in China and Taiwan.

Read the full article on Ynetnews:,7340,L-4018618,00.html