MultiReach strengthens Taiwan-Israel ties in Haifa

MultiReach 一直努力在加強台以之間的關係

Engaged in strengthening Taiwan- Israel ties, MultiReach has initiated a meeting between the Republic Of China(Taiwan) Representative in Israel- Liang-jen Chang and Haifa Mayor- Yona Yahav. Although assigned to Israel for more than three years and visited Haifa many times before, last Wednesday was Representative’s Chang first official meeting with Mayor Yahav held at Haifa City hall. The purpose of the meeting was introduction and exploring fields for cooperation.

Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel, home for three Nobel laureates (winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, prof. Dan Shechtman visited Taiwan last year) and also the nation’s innovation hub where world’s leading R&D centers are located (Microsoft, Intel, Yahoo, Google and soon also Apple). In the meeting both sides pointed out that Taiwan’s manufacturing is very strong, hence two sides can strengthen the integration and create more business opportunities while R&D is conducted in Haifa and manufacturing in Taiwan.

Representative Chang also personally invited Mayor Yahav and Chairman of Haifa Science Park to a field trip in Taiwan to further develop the cooperation between both sides.

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The 99th National Day of the Republic Of China (Taiwan)

Taiwan marked its 99th National Day yesterday. The Island’s National Day is known as Double-Ten (雙十) because it falls on October 10, commemorates the Republican Revolution, which broke out in China, on October 10, 1911, and brought about the end of China’s Qing dynasty.

In Taiwan, people celebrated Double-Ten with a grand flower floats parade and a dazzling fireworks show. In Israel, The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Tel-Aviv held a reception at Dan Panorama Hotel to celebrate the event. Among speakers were: Mr. Liang Jen Chang – Representative, Dr. Nachman Shai – the Israeli Knesset’s Israel- Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group Chair, MK. Orit Noked – Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade & Labor and Mrs. Maya Chen MD at MultiReach. Long list of honorable guests included Israel’s former envoy to Taiwan Mr. Raphael Gamzu and his wife Michal, members of the Knesset- Mr. Amir Peretz and Mr. Yoel Hasson, Deputy Mayor Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality- Mr. Doron Sapir, Managing Director at Giza Venture Capital- Mr. Ezer Soref and many other friends of Taiwan.

Right to left: Mr. San Shiun Tseng- Deputy Director at TECO, Mr. Liang Jen Chang - Representative, Mrs. Maya Chen- MD of MultiReach, Dr. Nachman Shai - the Israeli Knesset's Israel- Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group Chair and Mr. Michael Liagine of MultiReach.

Invest in Taiwan

“Invest in Taiwan” forum was launched by Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jiu, Aug.23 in Taipei. The one-day event attracted more than 900 participants from 500 businesses and organizations, including 141 representatives from 102 foreign entities based in 25 nations. During the forum, participants learned how the government is working to facilitate private investment, while industry experts outlined opportunities for developing Taiwan’s key sectors. The government hopes to attract NT$434.42 billion (US$13.59 billion) in private investment through some 85 investment proposals mapped out by various ministries and councils.

Following this, The Representative of the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) has held an event titled Taiwan’s Investment Environment & Opportunity, Aug.24 in Tel Aviv. Mrs. Maya Chen of MultiReach was there to listen to Mr. Jerry Shyy’s, Economic Division Director briefing. Mr.Shyy has counted the benefits of investing in Taiwan (mostly thanks to Taiwan’s position as a gateway to China). Mr. Shyy has also mentioned i-Taiwan 12 projects, 12 major public constructions projects to regenerate Taiwan’s economic miracle. The estimated investment amount is NT$4 trillion (~ US$12.5 billion) from 2008-2016. Government’s efforts in promoting the Six emerging industries (BioTech, Tourism, Green Energy, HealthCare, High End Agriculture and Cultural & Creative Industries) were introduced as well.

Mr. Jerry Shyy (right), Economic Division Director, Mr. Liang-jen Chang (center), Representative, Mr. Terry Wang (left).

Mr.Shyy’s briefing was followed by an excellent presentation by Mr. Terry Wang. Mr. Wang, former IBM Consultant in Taiwan was introducing Taiwan’s Hi-Tech Industry, putting an emphasis on Israel’s Opportunity.

Mrs. Maya Chen (right), Managing Director of MultiReach, Mr. Terry Wang (center), Mrs. Susan Yang of TECO.

MultiReach visit to TECO (Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office)

MultiReach Managing Directors, Mr. Michael Liagine and Mrs. Maya Chen have visited Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Tel-Aviv last October. Mr. Liagine and Mrs. Chen, who were the first Israelis to graduate Master program of Business Administration in Chinese, wished to personally thank Mr.Terry Ting- Representative and Mr. San-Shiun Tseng- Deputy Director for allowing them to have the opportunity to be educated in Taiwan while providing 3 years scholarship.

MultiReach is facilitating the flow of Technology and Investments between Israel and Taiwan, hence, both sides (TECO and MultiReach) shared great hopes to boost future cooperation between two nations.

The visit was covered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of China (Taiwan) and by the Portal of Republic of China (Taiwan) - Diplomatic Mission.

MultiReach visit TECO

From Left:Mr. Michael Liagine, Mr.Terry Ting, Mrs.Maya Chen and Mr. San-Shiun Tseng